Elder LAW, Disability Law and special needs

Elder law, disability law and special needs planning
 focus on the issues that affect us as we or members of our family experience aging and/or disability, and helping people with special needs and their families plan for the future. For many clients, this involves finding good resources for long-term care and finding the best ways to pay for it, including preserving assets and income for a spouse and/or preserving assets to be passed on to descendants. Often simultaneously, the focus is on making sure wishes are honored and autonomy is maintained as much as possible for special needs individualds and individuals advancing in age.

Planning of children (and adults) with special needs know that their role in their child's life will never end.  Planning for younger people with disabilities or special needs and their families focuses on providing for the needs of those individuals, without interfering with their ability to obtain financial assistance from government programs, finding good housing, support services, education, job training, and health care resources, and providing resources to assure a fun, healthy and productive life.

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O'Leary-Guth Law Office, S.C. assists clients with a variety of legal issues focused on elder and disability law and special needs planning, including:

  • Planning for a nursing home stay or long-term care;
  • Qualifying and applying for Medicaid (Title 19), income benefits, housing benefits, and medical assistance;
  • Seeking guardianship of a parent, child, or other loved one;
  • Transition planning for a child with a disability as he/she reaches adulthood;
  • Drafting and utilizing special needs trusts to preserve assets and maintain a standard of living; and
  • Drafting advanced directives and other estate planning documents to carry out wishes and maximize planning opportunities.

We also maintain close relationships with local agencies and community resources, as well as other professionals who focus on these issues, so that we can guide clients to the best possible solutions for their particular situation.

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